Linthicum Families Through The Years

Virginia, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Drusilla  29 Jun 1782Virginia, United States P955
2 ANDERSON, Sarah Sally  1788Virginia, United States P10146
3 ARCHER, Elizabeth  30 Sep 1795Virginia, United States P8586
4 ARCHER, Elizabeth  30 Sep 1795Virginia, United States P784
5 ARNOLD, Sarah  1822Virginia, United States P811
6 BEESON, Maude  3 Aug 1900Virginia, United States P1883
7 BLAIR, Elizabeth  1846Virginia, United States P2739
8 BLAIR, Elizabeth  1846Virginia, United States P1096
9 BLAIR, Lorenzo Dow  4 January 1807Virginia, United States P2734
10 BLAIR, Lorenzo Dow  4 January 1807Virginia, United States P1091
11 BLAIR, Lorenzo Dow  1839Virginia, United States P2742
12 BLAIR, Lorenzo Dow  1839Virginia, United States P1095
13 BLAIR, Lucinda F  1848Virginia, United States P2740
14 BLAIR, Lucinda F  1848Virginia, United States P1094
15 BOBO, Susan  Abt 1839Virginia, United States P10495
16 BOBO, Thomas  1784Virginia, United States P14418
17 BOOKER, Susan  1795Virginia, United States P15493
18 BOOKER, Susan  1795Virginia, United States P37
19 CAMPBELL, Rachel S  1832Virginia, United States P6225
20 CHINN, George Grey  1783Virginia, United States P3325
21 COBBS, Ann  1735Virginia, United States P11411
22 COBBS, Ann  1735Virginia, United States P1018
23 DEMOSS, peter  11 Nov 1752Virginia, United States P7899
24 DEMOSS, Peter  11 Nov 1752Virginia, United States P233
25 DEMOSS, Sophia Ann  14 Feb 1769Virginia, United States P7902
26 DICKEY, Nancy  1792Virginia, United States P10749
27 FISHER, Rachel  1801Virginia, United States P225
28 HAMMACK, John  1765Virginia, United States P12868
29 HAMMON, Catherine  31 Mar 1824Virginia, United States P454
30 HIGHFILL, Leonard  Abt 1788Virginia, United States P2586
31 HITE, John  1836Virginia, United States P227
32 HUTCHESON, Lydia  1788Virginia, United States P12446
33 HUTCHISON, John Hampton  1780Virginia, United States P151
34 JOHNSON, Alexander  1857Virginia, United States P226
35 KLEIN, Catherine  1763Virginia, United States P12867
36 LINTECUM, Henry S  1850Virginia, United States P242
37 LINTECUM, John C  17 Feb 1814Virginia, United States P137
38 LINTECUM, Mary E  1853Virginia, United States P243
39 LINTECUM, Sarah  7 Nov 1809Virginia, United States P142
40 LINTHICUM, Adelbert  1 Jan 1899Virginia, United States P11820
41 LINTHICUM, Daniel Riley  Jan 1860Virginia, United States P453
42 LINTHICUM, Hannah Anne  1856Virginia, United States P450
43 LINTHICUM, James B.  1826Virginia, United States P448
44 LINTHICUM, Jane "Jency"  1782Virginia, United States P148
45 LINTHICUM, Jane  1832Virginia, United States P10464
46 LINTHICUM, John Presley  26 Dec 1830Virginia, United States P10483
47 LINTHICUM, John R  1835Virginia, United States P10463
48 LINTHICUM, John W  Abt 1851Virginia, United States P451
49 LINTHICUM, Joseph  1835Virginia, United States P10462
50 LINTHICUM, Mary A  1839Virginia, United States P10461

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOWE, Ozias  11 Mar 1829Virginia, United States P604
2 DONALD, L C  April 1921Virginia, United States P1198
3 LINTECUM, Malinda  Virginia, United States P146
4 MCVICKER, Elendor  10 Nov 1840Virginia, United States P12305
5 NORTHCRAFT, Edward  25 Jun 1838Virginia, United States P2901
6 POLING, Hester Ann  1 July 1857Virginia, United States P17077
7 TAYLOR, Charles A.  Virginia, United States P1136
8 TOWLER, Absolom  Virginia, United States P439


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BLAIR / JAMES  04 Jul 1843Virginia, United States F645
2 BLAIR / JAMES  04 Jul 1843Virginia, United States F272
3 LINTECUM / FULLEN  1841Virginia, United States F36