Linthicum Families Through The Years

North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Abzra  Abt 1849North Carolina P6792
2 Addie MNU  Abt 1889North Carolina P17239
3 Berttia R mnu  Abt 1900North Carolina P6775
4 Catherine  Abt 1799North Carolina P1491
5 Clemie mnu  Abt 1882North Carolina P11512
6 Elizabeth m J Hall  Abt 1816North Carolina P16919
7 Elizabeth mnu  Abt 1810North Carolina P12495
8 Evelyn A mnu  Abt 1877North Carolina P16624
9 Fanny  Abt 1812North Carolina P6998
10 Frances  About 1802North Carolina P9786
11 Jane mnu  Abt 1837North Carolina P1879
12 Laura A mnu  Mar 1842North Carolina P15746
13 Laura Ann mnu  Abt 1841North Carolina P17129
14 Lizzie mnu  May 1844North Carolina P14547
15 Lois mnu  Abt 1891North Carolina P15811
16 Lottie H mnu  Abt 1877North Carolina P15980
17 M.J.m.   P14799
18 Marila E. mnu  Abt 1841North Carolina P15931
19 Martha A  Abt 1806North Carolina P10309
20 Martha mnu  Mar 1832North Carolina P16425
21 Millie Jane mnu  Abt 1863North Carolina P11799
22 Minnie E  May 1874North Carolina P11789
23 Rodema A  Aug 1865North Carolina P11404
24 Theresa  Abt 1820North Carolina P8666
25 ALEXANDER, Jane  About 1821North carolina P1455
26 ALLRED, Absolum  Abt 1817North Carolina P16495
27 ANDREW, Ellen "nelly"  Abt. 1807North Carolina P16459
28 ANDREW, Mary Polly  abt. 1799North Carolina P16453
29 ANDREW, Polly  Abt 1822North Carolina P655
30 ATKINS, Elsie  Abt 1893North Carolina P9172
31 ATKINS, John W  Sep 1871North Carolina P11790
32 BARBEE, Margaret Ann  1867-05-29North Carolina P11846
33 BATES, James P  Abt 1850North Carolina P12326
34 BEAN, Richard  Abt 1825North Carolina P2027
35 BEAN, Tecia  Abt 1858North Carolina P12653
36 BEEKER, Margaret  Abt 1791North Carolina P15701
37 BEESON, Addison S.  Abt 1871North Carolina P15868
38 BEESON, Alexander C.  Abt 1863North Carolina P15869
39 BEESON, Alfred D.  Abt 1873North Carolina P15867
40 BEESON, B.J.   P15837
41 BEESON, B.J.   P15830
42 BEESON, Curtis  Abt 1835North Carolina P15818
43 BEESON, Della  May 1884North Carolina P15863
44 BEESON, D.   P15836
45 BEESON, E.   P15826
46 BEESON, F.   P15831
47 BEESON, Gaston Nathaniel  Abt 1865North Carolina P2059
48 BEESON, G.   P15835
49 BEESON, Hazel L  Abt 1932North Carolina P15825
50 BEESON, Ida L.  Abt 1878North Carolina P15864

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BARBEE, Margaret Ann  1938-05-04North Carolina P11846
2 CAUSEY, Daniel M  Abt 1900North Carolina P16488
3 CAUSY, Nehemiah SR  Aft 1833North Carolina P16417
4 IVES, Jesse  9 Jan 1840North Carolina P644
5 JOHNSON, N. Louilla  6 Sep 1903North Carolina P1776
6 LINTHICUM, Daniel  19 Feb 1824North Carolina P639
7 LINTHICUM, Elizabeth  About 1864North Carolina P646
8 LINTHICUM, Lovina  14 Feb 1824North Carolina P640
9 LINTHICUM, Richard Baxter  10 Jul 1824North Carolina P641
10 SEWARD, Doris  27 Feb 2008North Carolina P2010
11 TYSINGER, Elizabeth  1881North Carolina P15780


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FIELD / ELSWICK  Abt 1759North Carolina F180
2 LINTHICUM / HAMMER  22 Nov 1963North Carolina F3526
3 LINTHICUM / STROUD  About 1946North Carolina F1889