Linthicum Families Through The Years

United States



Matches 1 to 10 of 10

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BROWN, George  Abt 1876United States P805
2 HOBBS, Elizabeth Noble  1735United States P454
3 KIRKMAN, Ann  1787United States P503
4 LINTHICUM, Isaac  About 1842United States P1690
5 LINTHICUM, Nettie  19 Aug 1916United States P2468
6 LINTHICUM, Rosa Lee  19 Oct 1932United States P2521
7 MCGEE, Nancy  United States P1078
8 MURPHY, Louise  1890United States P14136
9 NORTHCRAFT, Janet  1799United States P2894
10 STEVENS, Hallie  Abt 1890United States P15689


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CAUSEY, Nancy Ann NP  United States P11551
2 CAUSEY, Nancy Ann  United States P1068
3 GRIFFITH, Elizabeth  1749United States P16536
4 GRIFFITH, Elizabeth  1749United States P481
5 JACKSON, Eleanor Ellender  United States P460
6 KIRKMAN, Ann  1834United States P503
7 KIRKMAN, Elijah  1791United States P484
8 KIRKMAN, Elizabeth  1820United States P507
9 KIRKMAN, James  1839United States P516
10 KIRKMAN, Jane  United States P511
11 KIRKMAN, Nancy E  1876United States P571
12 KIRKMAN, Rebecca  1877United States P515
13 KIRKMAN, Thomas Sherwood  Apr 1867United States P556
14 KIRKMAN, William  1791United States P16539
15 KIRKMAN, William  1791United States P485
16 LINTHICUM, Daniel Riley  June 1906United States P453
17 THORNTON, Sarah Anne  United States P14692
18 THORNTON, Sarah Anne  United States P2197
19 WATERS, Nicholas B  United States P14701
20 WATERS, William Thornton  United States P14699


Matches 1 to 37 of 37

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BOWERS, John B  United States P2137
2 CADE, Anna Belle  United States P6609
3 CARTER, Susan Anne  United States P9165
4 CHURCH, Clara  United States P13795
5 CLARK, Martha  United States P8872
6 COLEMAN, Nettie Evelyn  United States P14786
7 COMBS, Sarah  United States P7424
8 HORTON, Lucy Lydia  United States P2064
9 HOTT, Salema F  United States P7450
10 LACY, Caleb  United States P3465
11 LINITHICUM, John William  United States P13477
12 LINTHICOMB, Wm L  United States P388
13 LINTHICUM, Boyd Sr  United States P12033
14 LINTHICUM, Charles Clarence  15 Dec 1916United States P9699
15 LINTHICUM, Christopher Archibald  United States P1602
16 LINTHICUM, Elizabeth "betsy"  United States P735
17 LINTHICUM, George William  United States P938
18 LINTHICUM, Harry  United States P550
19 LINTHICUM, John RR Engineer  25 May 1892United States P7630
20 LINTHICUM, John William SR  United States P14780
21 LINTHICUM, Joseph Morgan  United States P10479
22 LINTHICUM, Lelia May  27 Mar 1928United States P7680
23 LINTHICUM, Leonard H  11 May 1931United States P7682
24 LINTHICUM, Lessie L  United States P948
25 LINTHICUM, Mary E  United States P13461
26 LINTHICUM, Nancy  United States P56
27 LINTHICUM, Nettie E.  United States P2918
28 LINTHICUM, Phyllis Dawn  United States P13469
29 LINTHICUM, Sarah S  United States P7610
30 LINTHICUM, william  United States P130
31 LINTHICUM, William B  14 Feb 1936United States P13797
32 MALONEY, Florence Grayson  United States P12044
33 POLING, Mary Susan  2 Jun 1964United States P12057
34 PUCKETT, Temperance C  United States P356
35 RHOADS, Julina Frances  United States P387
36 RHODES, Julia Francis  United States P9211
37 TAYLOR, Annie L  United States P14448