Linthicum Families Through The Years

Indiana, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 mary L  About 1896Indiana, USA P663
2 Reba  23 Sep 1899Indiana, USA P693
3 BRIDWELL, Eliza Jane  1827Indiana, USA P17047
4 BROWN, George  March 1859Indiana, USA P16958
5 DAVIS, Eli Madison  18 November 1868Indiana, USA P16288
6 DAVIS, Francis Marion  23 Mar 1863Indiana, USA P16289
7 DAVIS, Morgan S  1853Indiana, USA P16292
8 FODDRILL, Harley Jack  17 Oct 1898Indiana, USA P239
9 FRITCH, Willa Ann  11/23/1884Indiana, USA P3912
10 GARNER, Allen  Abt 1858Indiana, USA P825
11 GARNER, Samuel  Abt 1862Indiana, USA P826
12 GOODPASTURE, Angeline  1841Indiana, USA P11191
13 GREGORY, Arthur Parrett  21 Jan 1871Indiana, USA P11116
14 HARDEN, Oliver  07 Jan 1887Indiana, USA P7152
15 HARDEN, Viola  1893Indiana, USA P7150
16 HARVEY, B Clarence  1880Indiana, USA P1499
17 HEMENWAY, Malcom Monte  1939Indiana, USA P14371
18 HENSLEY, Henry T.  Abt 1859Indiana, USA P10008
19 HENSLEY, John  Nov 1859Indiana, USA P8567
20 HENSLEY, Lovina E  Abt 1855Indiana, USA P10007
21 KING, Francis  1833Indiana, USA P16508
22 KING, James  1846Indiana, USA P16504
23 KING, Lydia  1838Indiana, USA P16506
24 KING, Martha  1828Indiana, USA P16510
25 KING, Mary  Abt 1844Indiana, USA P16503
26 KING, Wesley Jeremiah  1829Indiana, USA P16507
27 KING, William  1836Indiana, USA P16505
28 KIRKMAN, George  July 1823Indiana, USA P3676
29 KIRKMAN, John F  11 Jan 1856Indiana, USA P17049
30 LINTHICUM, William H  About 1868Indiana, USA P1893
31 MCGOWEN, James P  19 Nov 1860Indiana, USA P12876
32 MCGUIRE, Anna  About 1868Indiana, USA P5666
33 MCGUIRE, Druscilla R  31 Jul 1835Indiana, USA P950
34 MCGUIRE, Harriett  September 14, 1868Indiana, USA P7804
35 MCGUIRE, John H.  1844Indiana, USA P8927
36 MCGUIRE, Joseph Newton  15 Dec 1843Indiana, USA P946
37 MCGUIRE, Merry L  Abt 1828Indiana, USA P954
38 MCGUIRE, Rhoda J  Abt 1840Indiana, USA P947
39 MCGUIRE, Sarah C  9 May 1845Indiana, USA P945
40 MCGUIRE, Spenser Jackson  Abt 1837Indiana, USA P949
41 MCGUIRE, Susan M  Abt 1835Indiana, USA P951
42 MCGUIRE, William  22 Aug 1829Indiana, USA P953
43 NATION, Dave M  1891Indiana, USA P6704
44 OLIPHANT, Marion E.  9 Apr 1868Indiana, USA P13413
45 PETRO, Edward "Ned"  14 Jun 1873Indiana, USA P7159
46 PIERSON, Abraham  Abt. 1840Indiana, USA P16974
47 PIERSON, Mary F.  Abt. 1848Indiana, USA P16975
48 PIERSON, Susannah  Abt. 1845Indiana, USA P16973
49 PRUITT, Thelma Margarite  Abt 1912Indiana, USA P5102
50 SMALL, Malinda Ann  7 Mar 1845Indiana, USA P11003

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLSTOTT, Eli  14 February 1935Indiana, USA P16970
2 BAKER, Harry  sept 1 1982Indiana, USA P6437
3 BARCLAY, Minnie M.  5 Dec 1888Indiana, USA P12734
4 BROWN, Asa Whitaker  1905Indiana, USA P17118
5 BROWN, George  1943Indiana, USA P16958
6 CAMPBELL, James Perry  23 March 1913Indiana, USA P16825
7 CAMPBELL, Maxwell  15 March 1850Indiana, USA P16828
8 COX, Dorothy  Indiana, USA P1050
9 DAVIS, Morgan S  9 Sep 1853Indiana, USA P16292
10 DOWNEY, Maria  Bef 1881Indiana, USA P12729
11 FIELD, Rebecca  22 January 1852Indiana, USA P869
12 GORDON, Bessie Marie  2000Indiana, USA P6492
13 HARVEY, B Clarence  6 April 1881Indiana, USA P1499
14 HARVEY, Cora Maude  9 March 1947Indiana, USA P1502
15 HEMENWAY, Malcom Monte  3 Aug 1951Indiana, USA P14371
16 HIGHFILL, Alia Ann  1847Indiana, USA P2569
17 HIGHFILL, Jesse Edward  1928Indiana, USA P16951
18 JACKSON, Sarah Delphina  11 January 1950Indiana, USA P797
19 LEASER, Margaret  4 Oct 1890Indiana, USA P67
20 LINCICOME, Isabel  Indiana, USA P1372
21 LINTECUM, Max  Indiana, USA P341
22 LINTHICUM, Ruby  30 Nov 1960Indiana, USA P14370
23 OLDFIELD, James  1 March 1868Indiana, USA P3624
24 POLING, Cora M  11 Feb 1937Indiana, USA P5889
25 PRUITT, Joshua  Indiana, USA P2334
26 STEPHENSON, Leora C  05 Jan 1991Indiana, USA P16318
27 STEPHENSON, Leora C  05 Jan 1991Indiana, USA P3655
28 WILSON, William  15 April 1899Indiana, USA P3973


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 JACKSON / JOHNSON  Abt. 1890Indiana, USA F313
2 STEPHENSON / RUBERT  About 1895Indiana, USA F4917


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 GRAY / BALLWEG  Before 1940Indiana, USA F855