Linthicum Families Through The Years

Guilford County, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLRED, John J. I  Bet. 1801–1807Guilford County, North Carolina P3820
2 ANDREW, Celia  February 18,1806Guilford County, North Carolina P16452
3 ANDREW, Celia  February 18, 1807Guilford County, North Carolina P16461
4 ANDREW, Charles Gannon  1802Guilford County, North Carolina P16462
5 ANDREW, Jane  abt. 1815Guilford County, North Carolina P16451
6 ANDREW, Mary Ann  February 15, 1815Guilford County, North Carolina P16473
7 ANDREW, Rebecca  abt. 1800Guilford County, North Carolina P16455
8 ANDREW, Samuel  abt. 1815Guilford County, North Carolina P16450
9 ANDREW, JR., Jesse  September 10, 1811Guilford County, North Carolina P16463
10 ARMFIELD, Delilah  1790Guilford County, North Carolina P3104
11 ARMFIELD, Jane "Jennie"  1805Guilford County, North Carolina P3117
12 ARMFIELD, Oliver B.  5/14/1844Guilford County, North Carolina P13117
13 ARMFIELD, William Cameron  Apr 21, 1807Guilford County, North Carolina P3112
14 BEESON, Betty  30 Jul 1754Guilford County, North Carolina P3206
15 BEESON, Edward  1 Jan 1757Guilford County, North Carolina P3205
16 BEESON, Jane  22 Mar 1760Guilford County, North Carolina P3203
17 BEESON, Mary  21 Sep 1762Guilford County, North Carolina P3202
18 BEESON, Rachel  14 Feb 1759Guilford County, North Carolina P3204
19 CAUSEY, Hannah Angeline  6 Oct 1836Guilford County, North Carolina P1103
20 CAUSEY, Robert Doak  21 Dec 1827Guilford County, North Carolina P3772
21 COLTRANE, James  1 Aug 1797Guilford County, North Carolina P92
22 FORBIS, Gorrell  About 1812Guilford County, North Carolina P16205
23 GREENE, Hannah  1764Guilford County, North Carolina P3105
24 MEREDITH, Martha  2/27/1799Guilford County, North Carolina P12479
25 SHERWOOD, Frances Ann  25 Feb 1803Guilford County, North Carolina P2822
26 SHERWOOD, Kissy  11 Apr 1801Guilford County, North Carolina P2818


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ANDREW, Celia  December 20, 1890Guilford County, North Carolina P16461
2 ANDREW, Luke  1850Guilford County, North Carolina P677
3 ANDREW, Mark  March 3, 1830Guilford County, North Carolina P16457
4 ANDREW, Mary Ann  July 12, 1896Guilford County, North Carolina P16473
5 ANDREW, JR., Jesse  February 21, 1879Guilford County, North Carolina P16463
6 ARMFIELD, Oliver B.  10/11/1918Guilford County, North Carolina P13117
7 BEESON, Charity  20 Sep 1809Guilford County, North Carolina P25
8 BEESON, Isaac  21 Sep 1811Guilford County, North Carolina P3211
9 CAUSEY, Jonathan 1803-1860  May 1860Guilford County, North Carolina P3767
10 GREENE, Hannah  Before 1850Guilford County, North Carolina P3105
11 HAMILTON, Mary/Jane/Jean  Bef 1783Guilford County, North Carolina P13130
12 KIRKMAN, Ann  1749Guilford County, North Carolina P16544
13 KIRKMAN, Ann  1749Guilford County, North Carolina P490
14 WILSON, Hannah  12/29/1890Guilford County, North Carolina P13118
15 WIMBLEY, Tabitha  Abt 1841Guilford County, North Carolina P3777


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CAUSEY / ANDREW  July 9, 1825Guilford County, North Carolina F4965
2 DICKENS / STEVENSON  18 Jun 1905Guilford County, North Carolina F4760