Linthicum Families Through The Years

Baltimore, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALBAUGH, Gordon L  Jul 1886Baltimore, Maryland P1335
2 BACK, Allen Linthicum  28 Mar 1920Baltimore, Maryland P12143
3 BACK, William A  Abt 1893Baltimore, Maryland P12144
4 BATEMAN, Ellen Douglas  18 Dec 1844Baltimore, Maryland P14592
5 BATEMAN, Hezekiah Linthicum  06 Dec 1812Baltimore, Maryland P14576
6 FISKE, Herman Linthicum  4 Sep 1884Baltimore, Maryland P13755
7 HORN, Genevieve A "Ginny"  1879Baltimore, Maryland P12965
8 LINTHICUM, Abner died unmarried per badger  17 Sep 1879Baltimore, Maryland P12278
9 LINTHICUM, Alpheus Hyatt JR "Buddy"  26 Jun 1942Baltimore, Maryland P14873
10 LINTHICUM, Alton M.  02 Jul 1904Baltimore, Maryland P13857
11 LINTHICUM, Carrie Ellsworth  7 Nov 1910Baltimore, Maryland P13377
12 LINTHICUM, Charles M  27 Jul 1882Baltimore, Maryland P12405
13 LINTHICUM, Daisy Francis  29 Apr 1897Baltimore, Maryland P11715
14 LINTHICUM, Edward Wheat  Jan 1863Baltimore, Maryland P9063
15 LINTHICUM, Elizebeth A  Feb 1875Baltimore, Maryland P9074
16 LINTHICUM, Mary A  28 Sep 1872Baltimore, Maryland P9073
17 LINTHICUM, Mary Grace  28 Dec 1894Baltimore, Maryland P12142
18 LINTHICUM, Mary L. of CG  15 Mar 1856Baltimore, Maryland P13303
19 LINTHICUM, Mary L.  15 Mar 1856Baltimore, Maryland P2577
20 LINTHICUM, Richard Stewart "dick"  3 Jan 1907Baltimore, Maryland P1590
21 LINTHICUM, Vernon T.  26 Nov 1907Baltimore, Maryland P1933
22 LINTHICUM, Virginia Lindsay  January 7, 1955Baltimore, Maryland P14220
23 LINTHICUM, Walter Govens  04 Mar 1882Baltimore, Maryland P13321
24 LINTHICUM, William Lee  29 Dec 1919Baltimore, Maryland P14468
25 LINTHICUM, William Reck  Abt 1888Baltimore, Maryland P8303
26 LINTHICUM, William Wallace  28 May 1918Baltimore, Maryland P8307
27 LINTHICUM, Wilmer H. Jr  23 July 1925Baltimore, Maryland P14319
28 MOORE, James Duncan Jr  23 Dec 1895Baltimore, Maryland P15056
29 PATTISON, Laura J. LJPC  Aug 1867Baltimore, Maryland P15049
30 ROBERTS, John Clinton  02 Nov 1895Baltimore, Maryland P15227
31 THOMAS, Charles E. Rev.  14 Jan 1859Baltimore, Maryland P13021
32 WARFIELD, David Hiram  Nov 1853Baltimore, Maryland P15327
33 WARFIELD, David Hiram  Nov 1853Baltimore, Maryland P2576
34 WARFIELD, Lawrence Linthicum  7 Jul 1897Baltimore, Maryland P15330


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEALMEAR, Francis  17 Oct 1834Baltimore, Maryland P11734
2 HAMPTON, Mattie M  13 Mar 1954Baltimore, Maryland P14074
3 IJAMS, Florence Virginia  5 Dec 1944Baltimore, Maryland P13373
4 LINTHICUM, Frances Jane "Fannie"  May 4, 1910Baltimore, Maryland P13385
5 LINTHICUM, George Emory SR  Apr 1964Baltimore, Maryland P13318
6 LINTHICUM, Hezekiah of EW  3 Jul 1940Baltimore, Maryland P9065
7 LINTHICUM, John jr  17 Oct 1848Baltimore, Maryland P1097
8 LINTHICUM, Mary L. of CG  29 Apr 1910Baltimore, Maryland P13303
9 LINTHICUM, Mary L.  29 Apr 1910Baltimore, Maryland P2577
10 MACNEAL, Frances  Oct 1994Baltimore, Maryland P8313
11 WARFIELD, David Hiram  14 Feb 1918Baltimore, Maryland P15327
12 WARFIELD, David Hiram  14 Feb 1918Baltimore, Maryland P2576


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 LINTHICUM, George Henry  Baltimore, Maryland P8302
2 LINTHICUM, William Charles  Baltimore, Maryland P13701


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 WARFIELD / LINTHICUM  10 Mar 1875Baltimore, Maryland F4467
2 WARFIELD / LINTHICUM  10 Mar 1875Baltimore, Maryland F596