Linthicum Families Through The Years

West Virginia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Alice C mnu  Jun 1853West Virginia P14953
2 A.m.   P6606
3 Ella S mnu  Abt 1873West Virginia P16114
4 Emma C mnu  Aug 1872West Virginia P16174
5 M.C.m.   P15693
6 mintie  Jun 1870West Virginia P7413
7 Sarah  1878West Virginia P300
8 s.m.   P1462
9 BALLARD, George W.  Abt 1842West Virginia P11793
10 BASKINS, G.S.   P16115
11 BEESON, E.   P15858
12 BLIZZARD, Minnie M  Abt 1879West Virginia P7377
13 BOWER, C.R.   P15694
14 BOWERS, John B  May 1881West Virginia P2137
15 BOWERS, R.T.   P2136
16 BOWERS, Wilbur Richard  11/13/1912West Virginia P2134
17 BURKHAMMER, Marie  Abt 1898West Virginia P15477
18 BURKHAMMER, Marie  Abt 1898West Virginia P2651
19 CHURCH, Clara  Abt 1882West Virginia P13795
20 CHURCH, J W  Jun 1856West Virginia P14954
21 CLARK, Cora Esther  Abt 1885West Virginia P303
22 COLEMAN, Betty A.  Abt 1865West Virginia P4325
23 COLEMAN, George W.  Abt 1867West Virginia P4326
24 COLEMAN, Harriet S. "Hallie"  Abt 1865West Virginia P4327
25 COLEMAN, Henry S.  Abt 1859West Virginia P4322
26 COLEMAN, James P.  Abt 1863West Virginia P4324
27 COLEMAN, Martha F.  Abt 1861West Virginia P4323
28 CUNNINGHAM, George I  Abt 1906West Virginia P13141
29 CUNNINGHAM, H.J.   P13142
30 CUNNINGHAM, James F  Abt 1848West Virginia P13143
31 CUNNINGHAM, Joseph G  Abt 1903West Virginia P13139
32 DELUNG, Emma  Abt 1892West Virginia P839
33 DOSIER, Emmit C  Mar 1899West Virginia P8221
34 DOSIER, Glenna G  Abt 1892West Virginia P8231
35 DOZIER, Alex H  May 1881West Virginia P8227
36 DOZIER, Ethel B  Aug 1895West Virginia P8230
37 DOZIER, Ethel G  Aug 1895West Virginia P8222
38 DOZIER, Glemma G  Jan 1892West Virginia P8223
39 DOZIER, Ida Marm  30 Oct 1889West Virginia P6592
40 DOZIER, Lewis V  Jul 1875West Virginia P8229
41 DOZIER, Lulie M  May 1887West Virginia P8224
42 DOZIER, Luther C  Aug 1885West Virginia P8225
43 DOZIER, Sallie A  Jul 1883West Virginia P8226
44 DOZIER, Virginia C  Dec 1879West Virginia P8228
45 EDDS, Harold  Abt 1914West Virginia P7382
46 EDDS, James Garfield  23 Dec 1880West Virginia P7375
47 EDDS, Lillie M  Nov 1887West Virginia P7386
48 EDDS, Otis Peck  3 Apr 1882West Virginia P7379
49 EDDS, Samuel E  Nov 1883West Virginia P7387
50 EDDS, Stanton  Abt 1909West Virginia P7384

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 EVANS, Lavina  West Virginia P1596
2 MURPHY, Clara Louise  1990West Virginia P13478