Linthicum Families Through The Years

Virginia, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARCHER, Abraham  1814Virginia, USA P8583
2 ARCHER, Elisabeth  1788Virginia, USA P8588
3 ARCHER, Elisabeth  1788Virginia, USA P788
4 ARCHER, Jane  20 Feb 1778Virginia, USA P8594
5 ARCHER, Jane  20 Feb 1778Virginia, USA P794
6 BENNETT, Rice  About 1730Virginia, USA P11
7 BRADNER, Luzena May  19 Jun 1888Virginia, USA P12355
8 BRYAN, Elizabeth  14 Dec 1798Virginia, USA P3426
9 COX, Christopher  1773Virginia, USA P2891
10 DAVIS, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  Jan 1865Virginia, USA P14453
11 DAVIS, James M  1825Virginia, USA P14506
12 DOZIER, Elizabeth  About 1829Virginia, USA P10611
13 ELLIOTT, J.R.   P14434
14 ELSWICK, Lydia  25 Mar 1743Virginia, USA P853
15 HAISLEP, Sarah  Abt 1814Virginia, USA P8896
16 HAZELRIGG, Nancy  1762Virginia, USA P11110
17 HENSLEY, Benjamin  About 1776Virginia, USA P3102
18 HENSLEY, George  About 1776Virginia, USA P3099
19 HENSLEY, Susannah  About 1783Virginia, USA P3098
20 HENSLEY, William  About 1772Virginia, USA P3101
21 ISAACS, Rebecca  1778Virginia, USA P742
22 JAMES, JAMES C  Abt 1814Virginia, USA P3331
23 JAMES, JAMES C  Abt 1814Virginia, USA P2119
24 JOHNSON, Sarah "Sally"  25 Jan 1780Virginia, USA P8934
25 LINSICUM, Sarah  Abt 1822Virginia, USA P1281
26 LINTECUM, Thomas "hughes?"  About 1843Virginia, USA P73
27 LINTHICUM, Alice  About 1852Virginia, USA P9212
28 LINTHICUM, Alice  About 1852Virginia, USA P392
29 LINTHICUM, Cornelia rbt  Abt 1853Virginia, USA P9213
30 LINTHICUM, Cornelia rbt  Abt 1853Virginia, USA P391
31 LINTHICUM, Daniel Lee  29 Jun 1939Virginia, USA P14992
32 LINTHICUM, Delilah  About 1763Virginia, USA P357
33 LINTHICUM, E.M.   P12357
34 LINTHICUM, James A  Feb 1897Virginia, USA P12026
35 LINTHICUM, James E  About 1867Virginia, USA P9208
36 LINTHICUM, James Earl  20 May 1909Virginia, USA P12358
37 LINTHICUM, James Edward  About 1867Virginia, USA P398
38 LINTHICUM, James Knox Polk  Abt 1849Virginia, USA P9698
39 LINTHICUM, J.L.   P14386
40 LINTHICUM, John R  About 1860Virginia, USA P9214
41 LINTHICUM, Mary C  About 1855Virginia, USA P9222
42 LINTHICUM, Mary C  About 1855Virginia, USA P178
43 LINTHICUM, Newton  About 1849Virginia, USA P9210
44 LINTHICUM, Newton A  About 1849Virginia, USA P393
45 LINTHICUM, Thomas  Before 1765Virginia, USA P1159
46 LINTHICUM, Viola  Mar 1893Virginia, USA P12023
47 LINTHICUM, Wesley Leon  28 Mar 1929Virginia, USA P14436
48 LINTHICUM, Willa J  About 1857Virginia, USA P9221
49 LINTHICUM, Willa J  About 1857Virginia, USA P176
50 LINTHICUM, William Arthur "willie a"  19 Dec 1880Virginia, USA P12025

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARNN, McKenzie K  18 Jul 1930Virginia, USA P299
2 DAVIS, Elizabeth "Lizzie"  1935Virginia, USA P14453
3 DAVIS, Mary E  About 1936Virginia, USA P9298
4 LINTHICUM, Edmund Jr  Virginia, USA P1156
5 LINTHICUM, George Williamson  19 Feb 1911Virginia, USA P9194
6 LINTHICUM, George Williamson  19 Feb 1911Virginia, USA P386
7 MOODY, Marie Elaine  Virginia, USA P15888
8 RUTHERFORD, Elizabeth  1785Virginia, USA P7772
9 TAYLOR, Noah Berkeley  Bef. 1910Virginia, USA P14452
10 TOWLER, William Russell  18 Apr 2004Virginia, USA P814
11 WATERS, William  29 July 1689Virginia, USA P16990
12 WILLIAMS, Celia Alice  10/19/1951Virginia, USA P288


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BENNETT /   About 1752Virginia, USA F89
2 LINTHICUM /   Before Oct 1796Virginia, USA F4
3 LINTHICUM / PHELPS  About 1910Virginia, USA F181
4 LINTHICUM / TAYLOR  1907Virginia, USA F4028


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 WEAVER / LINTHICUM  16 Jan 1933Virginia, USA F5068