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2851 will administerd Nov 1803 to feb 1804 CALLOWAY, Frances (P6095)
2852 will entered 4 Jan 1783 Will leaves the impression there were no living offspring LINTHICUM, Burton (nkmo) (P1141)
2853 will entered 4 Jan 1783 Will leaves the impression there were no living offspring LINTHICUM, Burton (nkmo)@ (P2041)
2854 Will entered probate TUCKER, Levi (P3842)
2855 Will of Thomas F Linthicum(With notes andobservations)

In The Name of God Amen IThomas F. Linthicum of Anne Arundel County in the State of Maryland Planterbeing weak in body but of a sound mind and memory I thank my God for it. I do make this my last will and testament andin the form and manner as follows.
Item. I do give unto HezekiahLinthicum Weekly and Rezin Weekly my dwelling plantation whereon I now live itbeing part of a tract of land called Duvalls Range it being the quantity of eightyacres and to be divided between them as I shall have divided it for them. HezekiahLinthicum Weekly to begin his part at the end of Thomas Rutlands North eightythree degrees West line of his part of the tract of land called Duvalls and[over] that course back to the end of the North seven degrees West line of thesaid tract and thence running north and by west with the outlines of the saidtract sixty three perches thence still with the outline of the said tract andrunning west seven degrees north one hundred thirty perches thence with a straightline to the first beginning containing forty acres more or less. I do give untoHezekiah Linthicum Weekley and his heirs forever.
Item I do give all theremainder part of my dwelling plantation that [lies] between the above mentioned lines and that [-----] [acres]which I have sold to Joseph Phelps. I dogive unto Rezin Weekley and his heirs forever which is about 40 acres but ifboth of these Weekleys should die without heirs then I do give all my dwellingplantation to Hezekiah Wayman and his heirs forever now it is my will that allmy land that lies down on [Patuxent River]be sold by my executor to pay my debts and if my grandson Thomas Linthicumcomes from Carolina into Maryland before the above two young Weeklys come tothe age of twenty three years old then for my executor to pay him the sum offifty pounds current money but if my Grandson Thomas Linthicum should not cometill the two young Weeklys comes to the age of twenty three years old butshould come later for them to pay him five and twenty pounds a peace.
Item I do give unto HezekiahLinthicum Weekly one red cow called [Tink], her and her cow calves but all herbull calves I do give to my Executor.
Item I do give to RezinWeekly one cow calf called [Chary] and her cow calves but that the bull calvesI do give to my Executor [It] is mywill that the two young Weeklys may [have?]their land which I have gave them when they arrive at the age of seventeenyears old their cattle at the same time. I do appoint young Samuel Whitehead my whole Executor to take care ofthe young Weekleys and there lands that I gave them that I have gave them thatit be in no ways abused by any body and of their cattle that I have gave themand it is my will that Rezin Weekly may have half of the apples yearly thatgrows in my orchard till he plants an orchard and it bears well on his landthat I have gave him and if it should please God
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that my dwelling plantationshould fall into the hands of Hezekiah Wayman as I have before mentioned thathe shall pay unto my grandson Thomas Linthicum the sum of fifty pounds currentmoney and pay it [-------] in Silver Dollars at [-------] Dollar.
It is my will that if eithermy Executor or the two young Weekleys pays my Grandson Thomas Linthicum theafore mentioned fifty pounds for them to pay it him in Silver Dollars at sixshillings [per] Dollar
If I have any write to that[150] acres of land that part of the tract called Duvalls range that my brotherFrancis Linthicum sold to one Thomas Tramil and he sold it to Francis Belmearwhich is the place where the widdow Elizabeth Belmear now dwells on I do givemy write of it to Stephen Stewart son of Edward Stewart and his heirs foreverthis twenty fourth day of August in the year of our Lord 1790
Thomas F. Linthicum
Edward Stewart
Mary Stewart
William Stewart

Anne Arundel County [-----------] then came WilliamStewart one of the 10th day February 1807 subscribing [witnesses] tothe last written Will and Testament of Thomas F. Linthicum late of Anne ArundelCounty deceased and made oath on the holy Evangely of almighty God that he didsee the testator thereon named sign and seal this will and that he heard him publish,pronounce and declare the same to be his last will and testament that at thetime of his so doing he was to the best of his apprehension of sound disposingmind, memory and understanding and that he with Edward Stewart who is sincedeceased and Mary Stewart the other subscribing witness respectively subscribedtheir names as witnesses to this will in the prescience and at the request ofTestator and in the presence of each other.

Sworn before
[------] Gassoway
[-----] Wills
[A F Cox]

Notes and observations-
The text, spelling, grammar and punctuation are mybest attempt in transcribing the will as it was recorded by the court. Items in parentheses [ ] are my best guesses or unreadable.
It remains a great mystery to me exactly how the“young Weeklys” are related to Thomas Francis Linthicum. I’ve seen no record of a daughter. Another odd thing is the fact that ThomasFrancis seems to have recovered from his weak condition or “hung on” for almost17 years after the writing of his will based on the date it was entered intoprobate. We have no record of his dateof death. Even if the young Weekleyswere just months old when the will was written, they had to be eligible fortheir inheritances as specified just about the time the will was probated. Although I’ve found no further administrationof the estate, I did find that Hezekiah sold his 40 acres to Francis Balmear inFeb 1811[1]and Rezin sold his to the same in Jan 1812[2]. In at least 2 instances in Anne Arundel records book NH6 in 1791 after the will was written, Thomas FrancisLinthicum sold additional land in the tract known as Duvall’s Range toElizabeth and John and Francis Balmear. I am wondering if there was any land left for the executor to sell tosettle the estate and this could have extended the entry into probate wellbeyond the death of Thomas Francis Linthicum.

The information found in the will does little to helpwith the mysteries of this branch of the Linthicum family in comparinginformation we can find to that of the family tradition as related by thepublished researchers, Newman and Badger: From all the information found to date, I have to conclude that ThomasFrancis Linthicum had a son, Richard who did not die in 1759 and at least 5 grandchildren in North Carolinawith one of them being the Thomas Linthicum who was born in 1784 and who diedin Indiana in 1862. If there was a sonThomas Francis and another grandson, Thomas as supposed by Newman and Badger,history has been very unkind in providing us any evidence. My conclusions are at best there was aserious lack of communication between the father, Thomas Francis Linthicum inAnne Arundel Co. and son. Richard Linthicum, who seems to have married MarySherwood and lived in Talbot Co., MD from at least 1776 until he appears inGuilford Co., NC in 1789. Likelyin-laws, Daniel Sherwood, brother to Mary Sherwood, and Frances LinthicumSherwood, who is also a cousin to Richard are known to have sold theirplantation in Talbot Co. and moved to NC by 1784. In the worst case, there was a serious riftin the family and the family tradition of the Revolutionary War Patriot, ThomasFrancis Linthicum, JR having a falling out with his unnamed Tory wife and goingto NC is an attempt to sugar coat a family problem that has not aged well.

[1]Anne Arundel Co. Land Records, Book NH 16, p 438 11 Feb 1811
[2]Ibid, Book WSG1, p252, 3 Jan 1812
LINTHICUM, Thomas Francis (P739)
2856 Will Probated 18 May 1828 DOD Unknown LINTHICUM, Sarah "Sallie" (P1284)
2857 Will Proven in Oct 1830 Court LINTHICUM, Thomas (P2055)
2858 Will share via e-documents with request from qualified researcher. Repository (R-2145172945)
2859 will witnessed this date BENNETT, Rice (P11)
2860 Willadeen /Linthicum/ LINTHICUM, Freda Willadeen (P516)
2861 William /Branam/ BRANAM, William M (P279)
2862 William /Poling/ POLING, William Jackson (P28)
2863 William /Wagner/ WAGNER, William (P220)
2864 William Arthur /Linthicum/ LINTHICUM, William Arthur (P59)
2865 William Eugene /Linthicum/

The Browning Genealogy Database

Deceased Name (maiden): Linthicum, William ()
Address: Birdseye, Indiana
Date of Death: Saturday, December 02, 2006
Obituary Date: Monday, December 04, 2006
Cause of Death:
Place of Death: Huntingburg IN
Age: 76
Cemetery: Birdseye IN military rites
Funeral Home: Naas & Son
Veteran: Air Force
Occupation: Air Force retired Jasper Electric Motors

Relative Type Location Comments
02 Great Grandchildren
05 Grandchildren
Andry, Margie Daughter
Clark, Virginia Sister
Harmon, Norma Sister
Linthicum, Debbie Daughter
Linthicum, Mabel Wife
Wright, Nancy Daughter
LINTHICUM, William Eugene (P252)
2867 William Slingsby per Badger LINTHICUM, William Slingsby (P8787)
2868 Wilma /Branam/ BRANAM, Wilma (P280)
2869 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. LINTHICUM, W. (P514)
2870 Wise BC Reeve Study WOODS, Noah (P9965)
2871 Woodlands Nursing Home LINTHICUM, Ray Cottingham Rev (P14990)
2872 World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918, his tombstone, and various US Federal Census LINTHICUM, Thaddeus Clark (P12753)
2873 World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918Social Security Death Index; and, various US Federal Census LINTHICUM, Wesley Preston (P12022)
2874 wrote will LINTHICUM, Francis SR (P747)
2875 LINTHICUM, Slingsby (P11955)
2876 Y, Age: 80 JACKSON, Samuel O. (P1463)

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